Broadband for under £6 per month!

Plusnet are our recommended Broadband Supplier for Northern Ireland and rest of the UK.


Plusnet, our recommended Broadband Supplier for Northern Ireland and rest of the UK, have lauched a new package – Plusnet Value – for only £5.99* per month.  If you want to surf the web, stream videos online, play games over broadband, and download large emails, music files and movies, this is the option for you. You also get a Free wireless 4-port router to wirelessly connect up to 10 devices!

Red Rhino uses Plusnet, as does many of our clients. Having first-hand and ongoing knowledge of their products and services, we are happy to recommend them as a broadband supplier.

Check out the features below to see if they meet your needs. The 10GB monthly usage level included is a very substantial amount (more than enough for casual browsing and email use) but if you require a larger package with more features, Plusnet have several great value alternatives to this introductory package on their site.



  • 10GB monthly usage
  • Send and receive 400+ emails with attachments, surf the web for hours, stream short videos and download hundreds of music files or the occasional movie
  • 24/7 support
  • Our award-winning support team are here to help, whenever you need them
  • Up to 8Mb download speeds
  • Fast enough for multiple users on one connection, downloading music tracks in a matter of seconds and playing games online
  • Free wireless 4-port router Wirelessly connect up to 10 devices
  • Free connection
  • Unlimited email addresses
  • Broadband Firewall and spam protection

A BT landline is required for Plusnet Value. Minimum contract length of 18 months applies

* Plusnet Value broadband starts at £5.99 a month. If you live in one of their low cost areas then you’ll pay this price every month. If you live outside of one of these areas then you’ll pay £5.99 a month for the first 3 months and £11.99 a month thereafter.

Visit Plusnet to read more about the Plusnet Value package.

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