CMS Web Sites

Create, edit and manage web site text and images on your web site at any time from any internet connection

A Content Management System (CMS) is a web site application that enables web site owners to create, add, edit and manage web site text and images on their web site, at any time from any internet connection, without technical training.

Content is created and edited online, at any time, via a password-protected administration control panel which only the client has access to. The resulting content is then displayed in real time on the web site.

CMS Web Sites Northern Ireland

  • Quick and easy to use
    A CMS makes it easy to update and manage your web site content. No specialist knowledge or technical expertise is required. Authorised users can log in via a passworded Administration panel using any internet connection. You can even update your web site via tablet and smart phone
  • Safe to use
    We will ensure that, with a little care, you won’t be able to accidentally destroy the layout or visual appearance of your web site
  • Fresh content
    Because you manage the site content, you can keep it updated as often as you wish, to give your business the appearance of being alive and active, as well as giving search engines new and fresh content to benefit your search engine rankings
  • Cost
    By having a CMS integrated into your web site means you’ll save money in the long run compared with paying someone, whether it be an outside consultant or even us, to make changes and updates by hand on your behalf.
Having investigated and evaluated all of the most popular and appropriate CMS software packages available and based on the information provided, we will use the best CMS option for your new web site.Choosing a CMS solution also saves months of development time which would otherwise have been spent designing and developing a bespoke solution.The CMS used will be easy to use and will be one of the most extensible content management systems available in the industry today. It will offer the potential to add unlimited content and its hierarchical structure keeps the content organised and easy to search and find. New functionality can be implemented easily and rapidly so your site stays fresh and current with the latest web tools and techniques.

One of the biggest benefits of using a CMS is that it is ‘extendable’,’ which means we (on your behalf) can choose from thousands of commercial and non-commercial extensions that ‘plug-in’ to enhance the appearance, expand the power and maximize the results of your web site.

If you have experience with Microsoft Word, then you will be able to manage the content of your own web site very easily. However, we offer remote and/or onsite CMS training, if required.