Email Management

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Do you need dependable and flexible email management? Red Rhino can help, by either setting up email accounts or email forwarding, or even a combination of both, if required.

We currently manage thousands of email addresses for clients, from companies with several hundred mailboxes, to small businesses with just one email address.

We also offer a range of associated email services, such as email spam & virus filtering service and email mailing lists for email marketing & promotion.

Email Management Northern Ireland

We can set-up unlimited email mailbox accounts on our servers for you to download emails via your preferred email programme, for example, Outlook or Thunderbird or any smartphone (iPhone, Blackberry etc) or combinations of both.

Our Email Forwarding service can automatically forward mail received at one of your addresses to another email address.

Email Forwarding can also be useful if you already use a web based email address (for example,, etc) and would rather read and reply to emails via your existing email service. Using our email forwarding services, the emails sent to your web site email address would automatically be passed to any existing email address of your choice.

We can also set-up multiple email address at your web site domain and have all of these forwarded to the same email address.
This allows you the convenience of using multiple email addresses while keeping your main email address private and still collecting all of your mail in one place.

Finally, you can have several different email addresses set up to receive a copy of any emails sent to one specific email address, useful for sharing information or keeping an overview eye on what’s happening within your organisation or business.

Red Rhino offers clients an email ‘spam’ and email virus filtering service which has been in extensive use by existing clients and the results have been outstanding, with reductions of over 95% in spam emails. It provides real-time protection from the latest email threats through the use of cutting-edge filtering technology and 24/7 monitoring.

The key benefits of our Email Spam & Virus Filtering Services are;

  • Our service will reduce the amount of spam coming to your business by at least 95%
  • Our system is constantly updated in real-time, protecting your business from new variants of spam as they are developed
  • Since the scanning is done by our server, the spam email will not actually be delivered to your business. This vastly reduces the potential for inbox clogging and email virus infection.
  • We fully manage the service on your behalf. There is no requirement for you to install any software or hardware
  • Dramatically reduces the threat from the increasing amount of malicious emails, which are a threat to the security of your computer and organisation
  • The service is highly cost-effective considering the wasted time users spend managing junk mail and recovering from virus infection problems.
Email Marketing & Promotion is a relatively easy, inexpensive and productive method for businesses to stay in touch with their customers.

Whether you wish to send an email newsletter to a dozen customers or an email marketing promotion to 10,000 subscribers, Red Rhino can advise on the appropriate email marketing and promotion solution.

We will integrate a subscription form into your web site for a powerful, third-party newsletter management tool to use, to enable you to create, manage and send email marketing and promotional campaigns.