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Web Site Design in Northern Ireland

Red Rhino Northern Ireland provides a wide range of professional yet affordable internet and web design services to small and medium sized organisations but with a special focus on offering an unsurpassable level of customer service. We have designed and built web sites for clients ranging from one-person businesses to medium sized companies with hundreds of employees and a multi-million pound turnover.

Whether it be a small starter site or a complex, bespoke, database driven web site, the whole process is revolves around your company and the business you are trying to attract or cause you wish to promote.

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Web Design Northern Ireland


Red Rhino is in the business of creating web sites that meet not only our clients’ needs, but the needs of their target market as well. We design web sites that work – both functionally for client’s target market but also for the client by meeting the objectives and purposes of the site.

We understand that a web site can be, but not necessarily, a considerable investment but we believe that a Red Rhino designed site gives the client the best opportunity to see a great return for their investment, in whatever form that takes. Our design philosophy is focused on creating web sites that are fast to download, fully functional, stylish and easy to use.


Web Design Northern IrelandOnce the web design process begins, it involves close co-operation with clients and many opportunities are offered for client input from the start to the end of the project. Within each web project there are ‘staging-posts’ where the client is involved (before and after) and approval is sought before the process continues. This sequence ensures that everyone is ‘onboard’ and thus minimises re-work time and costs.

Technical Support

Web Design Support Northern IrelandOur professional and affordable website maintenance and technical support programme offers peace-of-mind for clients who may require us to make occasional updates to web site content and / or require ongoing email / telephone support. Email and telephone support is offered for any questions related to the operation of the client’s web site or emails.

Specific site maintenance and site updates can be carried out as required, under a pre-arranged Annual Support & Maintenance agreement, which covers an agreed number of included hours support per month.

Our friendly, experienced and helpful team are here to help you make the most of your web site.

Service Level Response Times

Web Design Northern IrelandRed Rhino understands that a rapid response to make changes to your web site or a request for technical support can be critical to your site’s operation.

  • During working week days, we aim to process and complete 95% of all urgent client service related contacts within 1 hour and 100% within the same day
  • Outside office hours and at weekends, we aim to process and complete 95% of all urgent client service related contacts within 3 hours and 100% within the same day
  • For minor, non-critical web site content updates, we aim to process and complete 75% of all requests within the same day and 100% within 48 hours.
  • If the work requested involves more than can be completed that day, we will acknowledge 100% of all emails within the same day, with a suggested time schedule for the work requested.
  • Major non-critical site changes or developments are scheduled and agreed depending on their urgency.

Our Annual Support & Maintenance Programme also includes nightly backups of your entire web site and undelivered emails to a secondary dedicated server situated in another data-center, which we manage solely for off-network backups.

This enables us to restore your web site in the event of a critical server failure (as yet this has never happened!) or, more commonly, if you have changed or deleted something you didn’t mean to, we can recover this for you.


CMS Web Design Northern IrelandA Content Management System (CMS) is a web site application that enables web site owners to create, add, edit and manage web site text and images on their web site, at any time from any internet connection, without technical training.

Content is created and edited online, at any time, via a password-protected administration control panel which only the client has access to. The resulting content is then displayed in real time on the web site.

All our web sites include an integrated Content Management System (CMS). We have extensive experience in the most popular CMS to ensure that we provide clients with the best solution to manage their web site.

Read more about our integrated Content Management Systems.


Mobile Web Site Design Northern IrelandHaving a mobile / tablet friendly web site is no longer just important, it’s essential. With now over 50% of all web site visits made via a smartphone or tablet, gone are the days when we simply viewed web sites through desktop computers alone.

Mobile devices come in vast array of different screen sizes, counting into the thousands. So how can a web site be designed to suit any viewing platform? “Responsive” design is the answer, which means that the web site has been created to detect how it is being viewed and therefore the layout “responds”, by changing to make it easier to read and easier to navigate.

All Red Rhino sites created nowadays are mobile / tablet friendly, with a “responsive” design. This is included in your web design costs and we do not charge extra for this, unlike some other web designers who will duplicate your web design charges to cover this.

Social Media Integration
Social Media Northern Ireland Web Design

Social Media Marketing refers to the process of gaining traffic or attention through social media sites, like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Foursquare, YouTube etc. Social media may offer your business an easy, affordable and effective way to connect with your target audience and create brand awareness. Whether you run a large company or a small business, you need to recognise the potential importance and benefits of social media. Social Media Marketing can also help your web site’s search engine results by delivering information that leads visitors to your site or, if the links provided are found by the search engines, it can give your pages a boost in regular search engine rankings.


Red Rhino offers all the integration tools possible to maximise opportunities to drive your web site visitors to any and all of your social media accounts. If you apply yourself and invest time and effort into creating long-term campaigns, the returns can be excellent. However, for a range of reasons and under certain circumstances, social media isn’t best suited for everyone and so we will give you straight, honest advice as to whether we believe your company or organisation could benefit.


Google Adwords Web Design Northern Ireland“If you can’t measure it, you can’t manage”.

That is an old management adage that is still accurate today. Unless you measure something you don’t know if it is getting better or worse and no more so than when it comes to monitoring the traffic which comes to your web site.

The most prosperous websites are those that examine their users and understand who their visitors are, what they want, when they visit and how they found the site.

For clients who require in-depth information and tracking on their web site visitors, we will set-up a Google Analytics account and then integrate the Google Analytics tracking code into the web site. Google Analytics offers a very extensive suite of tools for use in analysing site traffic to assist with marketing and business decisions.

Email Newsletter / Mailing Lists

Email Newsletters Northern IrelandEmail Marketing & Promotion is a relatively easy, inexpensive and productive method for businesses to stay in touch with their customers.

Whether you wish to send an email newsletter to a dozen customers or an email marketing promotion to 10,000 subscribers, Red Rhino can advise on the appropriate email marketing and promotion solution.

We can integrate a subscription form into your web site for a powerful, third-party newsletter management tool to use, to enable you to create, manage and send email marketing and promotional campaigns.


Northern Ireland Web Design CostsThe costs of designing a web site can vary enormously depending on your precise brief. Each project is different and the final price would really depend on the final specification and your exact needs. We quote on a ‘per-project’ basis and so some of the elements are quoted within a range, to give you a handle on the normal minimum and maximum budget costs. We can’t give you a cost here and now but what we can do is tell you that:

  • we have an all-inclusive pricing policy (we don’t charge by the hour, so no runaway budgets);
  • you’ll get clear quotes for work;
  • we require approvals before any additional expenditure (at your request);
  • we quote fairly, based on the work required.

All of which mean there’s no out-of-control budgets nor unwelcome surprises when it comes to paying!


Web Design Northern IrelandThe timescale once you decide to proceed mainly depends on the estimated time to complete your project, including feedback time, as the work progresses. Also, it depends on what work we have ‘on-hand’ and already scheduled at that time but we will be able to advise of the timescale when we provide you with our proposal.

The timescale you will be given will be realistic and deliverable – we won’t give you a misleading timescale simply to get your business. For guidance, typically new projects start within 1-2 weeks from go-ahead, with completion within 4-6 weeks of that.