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List Thousands Of Items

On the web today, content is king. Any site that successfully attracts repeat visitors has to have fresh and constantly updated content. However, in the case where a site needs to display information on hundreds or thousands of items, maintenance of this can be a major headache, and very expensive too.

The solution to this headache is to create a database-driven web site. Instead of Red Rhino creating a web page for every item, we develop a database that allows the client to add, edit and manage information about each item, at any time, via the normal web browser. Then we create search forms on the web site to display search results in a stylish manner. Site visitors can search by any element of information which the client has added – size, cost, weight, price, age, etc – there’s no limit to the possibilities!

Bespoke Databases

Red Rhino offers development of bespoke database solutions, designed specifically to meet the individual needs of our clients. We work closely with clients to fully and clearly understand their needs before embarking on any database project, to fully understand the proposed development and what it needs to achieve.

Examples of Databases We’ve Created

Red Rhino has a created many different types of searchable databases for many different purposes for a wide range of clients – a selection of these are outlined below.

  • Database of bike tours
  • Database of management training providers
  • Database of youth organisations
  • Database of training courses for booking online
  • Database of used cars for sale
  • Database of leisure services
  • Database of walking clubs
  • Database of funeral notices
  • Database of jewellery items
  • Database of club members
  • Database of agricultural machinery for sale
  • Database of veterinary medicines for sale online
  • Database of architectural salvage items for sale
  • Database of furniture items for sale
  • Database of garden supplies for sale online
  • Database of furniture stockists
  • Database of events
  • Database of new and used pianos for sale
  • Database of GP & health providers
  • Database of voluntary and community organisations
  • Database of committee meeting minutes
  • Database of victim support organisations
  • Database of marketing materials for downloading
  • Database of medical health support organisations
  • Database of animal foods
  • Database of event venues
  • Database of funding grants available
  • Database of flooring products
  • Database of engineering supplies for sale online
  • Database of financial providers