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Why Choose Red Rhino?

When the profession of ‘web design’ first appeared in the 90’s, there was a growing trend of inexperienced and uncommitted website designers charging ridiculous amounts of money for poorly designed and constructed web sites.

From initially designing web sites as a hobby, the Red Rhino founders realised there was a full-time opportunity to provide organisations with the web site they deserve, without having to worry about being taken advantage of, or having a poorly designed (and costly) web site.

With a little courage and a determined mindset, Red Rhino was brought to life way back in 1999 so that we could concentrate on developing sites on a full-time basis and enjoy life at the same time.




So, Red Rhino?

Where did that name come from?

The most common question we are asked! The name “Red Rhino” was inspired by a series of books called “The Rhino Books” by Scott Alexander. These are short, easy to read motivational books which will help you achieve a better balance in the six major areas of your life – Financial, Work, Physical, Family, Social and Spiritual. Check out “Rhinoceros Success” on Amazon, become a Rhino and CHARGE!

Our Clients

Where and Who?

Red Rhino is based in Northern Ireland but the nature of the Internet means that web design work can readily be completed for a client anywhere in the World. We have clients for our various services on four continents and we don’t let a few extra miles come between you and a great service.

Our wide range of valued clients include commercial companies, governmental bodies, statutory organisations, community associations, voluntary groups plus private and professional individuals.

We are

Committed to Clients

Red Rhino aims to build relationships with clients that are based on trust, transparency, consistency and integrity. At Red Rhino,  we treat all clients as if they are our only client.  We build every web site as if it were our very own and we aim to be easy to work with on every aspect of our client’s web presence. Finally, we are always honest in our recommendations and feedback, even when this results in less business to us, and we subscribe to the practice of “under-promise and over-deliver”.

Our clear focus

Passionate about Customer Service

Red Rhino is focused on offering our clients an unsurpassable level of customer service.

We specialise in giving our customers the kind of consistent, friendly, personalised and timely service that most larger web development companies don’t offer. This often means working outside normal working days and hours, but we understand that’s what’s involved in managing web site around the clock.

Our goal is to create a long lasting relationship with our clients. We think we’re on the right track but don’t just take our word for it, ask any of our clients or read what our clients say.