Internet Consultancy Services

Web designer moved on? Lost your domain name? We can help!

Red Rhino Web Design NI

Web Site / Domain / Internet Consultancy

Consultancy is a service we offer clients whose web site we haven’t designed, host or manage.

There are many possible reasons why you would want this and some of the Consultancy services we’ve offered in the past are shown below.


Web Designer Moved On

Your previous web designer has moved on and you need someone to change text and/or photos on your existing web site.


Lost Your Domain Name

You need help in recovering lost or inactive domain names.


WordPress Web Site Software Not Being Updated

You need an existing WordPress web site updated to the latest software, as well as plugins and the site theme brought up to date.


Web Site Gone Offline

Your current web site isn’t working properly or has gone offline and you need help to fix the problems or recover lost pages.


Web Site Audit

You need an audit of your existing site for funding purposes.


Poor Search Engine Rankings

You need advice on Search Engine Optimisation for an existing web site.


You Wish To Advertise Online

You need a Google Adwords campaign and advertisement set-up.


Your Site Isn’t Secure

You need a SSL Secure Certificate installed or updated on your existing web site.


Web Host Has Ceased Trading

You need help migrating your web site to a new web host.


Shopping Cart Not Working Correctly

You need help re-configuring settings on an existing shopping cart web site.