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Red Rhino Northern Ireland provides a wide range of professional yet affordable web design services to small and medium sized organisations but with a special focus on offering an unsurpassable level of customer service. We have created web sites for clients ranging from one-person businesses to large companies with hundreds of employees and a multi-million pound turnover.

Whether it be a small starter site or a large complex web site, the whole process revolves around your organisation and the business you are trying to attract or cause you wish to promote.




Red Rhino Web Design NI

Design Philosophy

Red Rhino is in the business of creating web sites that not only meet our clients’ needs, but the needs of their target market as well. We design web sites that work – both for site user but also by meeting the objectives and purposes of the client.

Our design philosophy is focused on creating web sites that are fast to download, fully functional, stylish and easy to use.

We understand that a web site can be a considerable investment but we believe that a Red Rhino designed web site gives the client the best opportunity to see a great return for their investment, in whatever form that takes.

Red Rhino Web Design NI

The Design Process

Once the web design process begins, it involves close co-operation with clients and many opportunities are offered for client input from the start to the end of the project.

Within each web project there are ‘staging-posts’ where the client is involved and approval is sought before the process continues. This sequence ensures that everyone is ‘onboard’ and thus minimises re-work time and costs.

Responsive Web Sites

“Mobile-Friendly” for Phones and Tablets

All Red Rhino sites created are mobile phone and tablet friendly, with a “Responsive” design.

This means your web site has been created to detect how it is being viewed and therefore the layout “responds” by changing to make it easier to read and easier to navigate on the vast array of different mobile phone and tablet screen sizes.





Be Found On Google

Search Engine Optimisation

How a site ranks in Google (which accounts for over 90% of all internet web searches) is determined by many factors, most under our control.

Red Rhino has extensive experience and in-depth knowledge of how to carry out Search Engine Optimisation and the results obtained for clients prove the ‘first-page’ successes we have achieved.

All-Inclusive Pricing Policy

So, How Much Does A New Web Site Cost?

The costs of designing a web site can vary enormously depending on your precise brief. Each project is different and the final price would really depend on the final specification and your exact needs. We quote on a ‘per-project’ basis and so we can’t give you a cost here and now but what we can do is tell you that:

  1. We quote fairly, based on the work required
  2. We have an all-inclusive pricing policy (we don’t charge by the hour, so no runaway budgets)
  3. You’ll get clear quotes for work
  4. No additional expenditure will be incurred for additional requested work without your approval

All of which mean there’s no out-of-control budgets or unwelcome surprises when it comes to paying!

Also Included …

Our web site design and development includes a range of other features and services.

Integrated CMS

An integrated Content Management System enables web site owners to manage web site text and images on their web site at any time.

SSL Secure Certified

Adding a “Secure Certificate” to a web site makes it more secure for both users and web site owners, and more more trustworthy for users.

Social Media Integration

Your web site can contain social media links and/or embeds from multiple social media channels, making it easier for you to engage your visitors.

Regular Backups

Red Rhino offers a comprehensive programme of recovery backups for your web site, to ensure smooth recovery and restoration, if ever required.

CMS Software Updates

Our combined immediate and scheduled CMS update programme covers released software updates designed to improve the security and functionality of your CMS web site.

Email Marketing

We can integrate mailing list subscription into your web site so you can use powerful newsletter management tools to create, manage and send email marketing and promotional campaigns.

Visitor Statistics

Integrating Google Analytics tracking into your web site offers a very extensive suite of tools for use in analysing site traffic to assist with marketing and business decisions.

Global Site Search

A site-wide search feature allows site visitors to search for specific words or phrases across your entire web site.