Don’t Make Me Think!

Here’s a must read for anyone designing web sites or about to have a web designed for them.

Here’s a must read for anyone designing web sites (or about to have a web designed for them) – “Don’t Make Me Think! A Common Sense Approach to Web Usability” by Steve Krug.

All of the tips, techniques, and examples are presented to help web developers design sites so users are able to surf though with ease and minimal strain. That’s the premise of the book  – “Design sites so that web site users don’t have to think.”

In Don’t Make Me Think,  Steve Krug lightens up the subject of ‘Usability” with good humour and excellent to-the-point examples. At only 200 pages it can be read in one day, or is ideal for dipping in and out of over a coffee break or while waiting for a meeting! Well written, witty, full of common sense ideas and incredibly useful for both web designers and clients who want to make their sites more ‘user-friendly’.  With over 500 positive reviews on and 80 positive reviews at plus a “5-star” rating , obviously others agree.

Since it was first published in 2000, Don’t Make Me Think has sold over 250,000 copies, and we can see why! You can read more and buy Don’t Make Me Think! at


  1. Jonny
    January 30, 2010 11:35 Reply

    There’s alot to be said for keeping usability as simple as possible. I know KISS has been a mantra for many web developers over the years. Thanks for the link, might make interesting reading.

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