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Super fast fibre broadband speeds in UK / Northern Ireland

Super fast fibre broadband speeds in UK / Northern Ireland

The invitation to upgrade to Super fast fibre broadband from our  current broadband supplier Plusnet was too tempting to refuse, and after a few weeks eagerly looking forward to the upgrade, the wait is now over. Was it worth it? Oh, Yes!

Download speeds before the upgrade were a very respectable 36-38 Mbps, with uploading at 1.7 Mbps but these have both been blown away, as can be seen by the test results below. Downloads now fly at 72 Mbps and uploads flash by at 16 Mbps (almost ten times faster!)

While these speeds are tremendous, the icing on the cake is that this deal is actually £1 / month cheaper than the previous package.  That’s why we are happy to recommend Plusnet.

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